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Dog Chews

Vegan Dog treats

prices per packet are £3.00 or
2 packs for £5.00 ( contact for further details )

Vegan dog treats made from the used grist in the brewing process. Using homemade natural red skin peanut butter, chick pea flour, basmati rice and vegetable oil, with NO artificial flavourings or preservatives. Brewers Chewers are fully “Lab” tested by Westminster Dog of the Year!

Malty-Sweet Dog Treats

These special malty-sweet dog treats, are a by product of my brewing process. The spent malted Barley is taken from the mash tun, dried, fine-crushed and then mixed together with unsalted, home made red-skin peanut butter, gram flour and vegetable oil. They are shaped in hand moulds and high baked for a tasty crunch of sweet malt and roasted peanut flavour that dogs adore. (So good, you’ll want to try one yourself.) They have been fully Lab’ tested by Rocky the Westminster dog of the year 2017/18 and are a complimentary pet food to be given as a treat for your favourite four legged friend, whilst you enjoy your favourite craft ale.


Attend Classes

On Brew School days I will provide everything needed and will cover the basics with a practical brewing demonstration using raw grains, hops and basic equipment you can use at home.
The session typically runs between 4 – 5 hours and will include lunch, tea and coffee and an in depth discussion of each part of the process as we brew together.

Please contact for available dates and options.