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On Brew School days I will provide everything needed and will cover the basics with a practical brewing demonstration using raw grains, hops and basic equipment you can use at home.
The session typically runs between 4 – 5 hours and will include lunch, tea and coffee and an in depth discussion of each part of the process as we brew together.

My approach is about making a quality beer at home, on basic equipment, on a small scale – 23 litre (5 Gallon Batches) – without a massive outlay.


All beer is made from the same basic four ingredients. Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast.
As a home brewer, there are THREE different methods you can use for making beer at home. On my brew school course I will give you an overview of those methods.

Learn the art of Mashing and Sparging including fly and batch. The all important Boil, Cooling & Fermentation – including the preparation and pitching of yeast starters – the alchemy and the magic…

We will also discuss water; how your tap water can effect the style of beer you brew and simple treatments to compensate. Importance of good sanitation and cleanliness.
Ingredients – grains, adjuncts, hops, yeast.


Discussion on different styles of beers and complexity of systems. Storing beer – kegs/barrels and bottles. Demo of each with discussion. Includes demo of working Cornielius keg system.

Alongside the HappyBrewday course notes given on the day, students will go away with a good understanding of the equipment, processes and ingredients required to produce beers at home using the All Grain method of brewing.

Cost is £65 per person and includes lunch, tea & coffee and beer samples as available from previous HappyBrewday sessions. Be sure to order a taxi.

I have taught this course to city bankers, politicians, circuit judges, musicians, friends and family of all ages, of all tastes and interests and it is a great day together- and you learn something too. I am able to work with small groups or individuals and the Happybrewday school is great gift for a special birthday, anniversary or wedding celebration for the beer lover in your life. For wedding groups and people with specific birthday celebrations we can design a beer together, brew it; keg, cask or bottle (even design your own label) and serve it at your celebration party. (Please call me for details and pricing)