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About Us

About Happy Brew Day

Rick Platt, experienced head brewer, vintner and BJCP Certified Beer Judge, set up Happy Brew Day in 2016 as a response to many peoples growing desire to understand the origins, provenance and production methods of the food they eat and the beer and wine they drink.

 Acknowledging the many requests to learn how to brew beer at home, “like the professionals do”, Rick demonstrates basic brewing techniques using a traditional “3 vessel” gravity fed system, typically found in most, if not all commercial breweries.

Alongside this he also uses a state of the art, all grain electric brewing system from Germany, which provides fully automated control over the beer-making process for home brewers.

Brewed Beer

When brewing at capacity, Happy Brew Day supplies small batch, original recipe classic ales, in bottle and draught, for sale at farmers markets, family celebrations and online. Rick has also designed and brewed beer for celebration birthdays and weddings and is currently engaged in research and development for a “Taste of the Past”, a natural history project, re-creating old British beers from the beginnings of the industrial revolution in 1760, to the outbreak of the Great war in 1914.

Natural Wine

Alongside his passion for brewing, Rick is also a Vintner, making natural wines, from imported Spanish and Italian grapes. Naturally fermented using the indigenous yeast present in the vineyard, stalks and skins of the grapes, these wine are made with a minimum of human intervention, apart from crushing the and pressing the grapes. 

“Muswell Hill” wines are both sulphite free and certified Vegan. Made from unadulterated fermented grape juice and nothing else.

Attend Classes

On Brew School days I will provide everything needed and will cover the basics with a practical brewing demonstration using raw grains, hops and basic equipment you can use at home.
The session typically runs between 4 – 5 hours and will include lunch, tea and coffee and an in depth discussion of each part of the process as we brew together.

Please contact for available dates and options.